Welcome to ArtPark21 - 21st Century eco art installations

Welcome to ArtPark21 - 21st Century eco art installationsWelcome to ArtPark21 - 21st Century eco art installations

Call to Artists

2021 Santa Fe exhibition



Art Park 21

Call for Proposals: “Urban Ecologies”


Proposal for Spring 2021 AP21 Exhibition:

Santa Fe Railyard Park + Plaza 

In the spring of 2021 Art Park 21 will host its second biennial juried exhibition of outdoor  eco-centric art. This multi-site exhibition, “Urban Ecologies”, will take place Santa Fe. The AP21 team is pleased to announce that the Railyard Art Committee looks forward to receiving our proposal for the temporary siting throughout the public spaces of the Santa Fe Railyard – the Park, Plaza area and Pocket Parks – as one anchor of this event. The Art Park 21 team and the Railyard Art Committee invite artists/artisans from the region to propose a temporary outdoor installation that is the product of inter-disciplinary collaboration. Installations that are the product of collaboration between one or more artists/artisans and an engineer; scientist; researcher; technician are encouraged, as would artworks that make use of new knowledge, materials, techniques or technology and place a value on sustainability.

Based on final approval by the Railyard Art Committee these works will be installed in March of 2021 for a duration of three months with a possible extension to six months. Installations should be sensitive to the site and context of each area and not disrupt the ecosystem of the Park, conflict with scheduled events or general daily use, or threaten the safety and enjoyment of the public. There is an effort to restore native grasses in the Park and some grass areas would not be acceptable sites. The installation may not involve excavation (other than in some very limited situations) or driving stakes or such into the ground. The Railyard Art Committee will consider all these details in their approval process. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the Railyard Park and Plaza through a site visit and refer questions about materials and type of installation to Art Park 21 prior to formulating a proposal as different areas have different opportunities and limitations. 

The following web page of the Railyard Park Conservancy is a useful reference regarding the principles for public art in the Railyard:


Proposals will be submitted for consideration to the Railyard Art Committee. In 2021, a catalog will be published which will document the proposals and the 2021 outdoor exhibit of realized works. Those participants included in the outdoor exhibit will be eligible for an Art Park 21 stipend to produce and install the proposed element on the grounds of the Railyard Park + Plaza and related sites in spring 2021. Modest stipends may be available through the Railyard Art Committee for exceptional projects for installation costs, but artists’ works will need to be self-funded. 

“Urban Ecologies”

It is not uncommon for definitions of “nature” to be considered somehow separate from the human cultures that invent it. This exhibition curated by the Art Park 21 team, invites artists and artisans to submit proposals that explore the boundaries and locational definitions of “nature cultures”. These eco-centric installations may consider how our built environments, specific to the New Mexico region, navigate concepts of urban engineering, development, and ecological remediation and cultivation that influences how we might perceive “nature” to exist in these spaces, and even take on an agency of its own. Art and ecology is a proven interdisciplinary field that celebrates collaborations between arts and sciences. As the field expands, it has also become clear that the old binaries of nature/culture (“man”), no longer support the contemporary and creative drive to find a balance between human agency, and non-human ecologies. 


Applicants are asked to first register with the AP21 team. To register for the competition, email resume and brief written description of the intended direction of the proposal.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. There is no cost to apply to this competition.  Applicants must register with the Art Park 21 team by May 22, 2020 and submit proposals by June 30, 2020.  Submission requirements and a map of the park and plaza indicating zones where art might best be sited will be sent to registered applicants. 

Send registration and inquiries to: info@artpark21.org