Welcome to ArtPark21 - 21st Century eco art installations

Welcome to ArtPark21 - 21st Century eco art installationsWelcome to ArtPark21 - 21st Century eco art installations

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Albuquerque based sculptor, John Davis, creates a range of three dimensional artworks from pedestal size to monumental scaled public art. There is frequent reference to the natural landscape in his studio work. His use of industrial and natural materials expresses a dialog of contradistinctive forces. This is an expression of his values and a longing for connection to the land. 

While his studio work reflects his feelings about the natural landscape, his approach to public art is to celebrate the function, setting and context of the public site through sculptural means. He has completed public artworks for municipal, commercial, institutional, county and state clients in several states across the country and has exhibited in several galleries including one person shows at OK Harris in NY and Davis Dominguez in Tucson.


Siobhan Roome has extensive experience as a set designer and assistant art director in numerous major motion pictures as well as designer for several prominent architecture firms.



Amy Catherine Hulshoff is a third year art history PhD student at the University of New Mexico in the department of art. She is the director for exhibitions and programming at the UNM CFA Downtown Studio gallery. Her research focuses on American eco-criticism with a special interest in artistic responses to "long environmentalism" and "slow violence" perpetuated by extractive industries in North America. As a military child, she has enjoyed living all over the country, and after settling in Albuquerque three years ago, continues to travel today with her two dogs, Dazey and Gobi. Her favorite food is sopapilla



Lance Ryan McGoldrick is a multi-media artist working in a variety of nontraditional contexts. His work ranges from discrete objects to immersive environments, often created with combinations of found-objects, texture, light, and geometry. Incorporating youthful exuberance, his work explores environmental themes as a reflection of place and with a reverence for nature. His work appears in non-traditional spaces as well as in galleries, at festivals, and as public art installations.

Lance holds a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from University of New Mexico. His enterprises have included the operation of a landscaping company and a screen-printing shop; he was also an award-winning display artist for Urban Outfitters. He often collaborates with other artists, in particular the Albuquerque-based non-profit Friends of the Orphan Signs. He works most often with the internationally-acclaimed art collective Meow Wolf building immersive environments in New Mexico, Las Vegas, Denver, and elsewhere.

Born in the mountains of Placitas, New Mexico, Lance has lived most of his life in Albuquerque where his parents, grandparents and larger community nurture a love of art and nature.



Joshua R. Willis is a mixed media artist integrating materials such as textiles, metal, paint and wood.  The resulting compositions explore properties of balance, harmony and diversity found in healthy landscapes. He received his Bachelor of Arts & Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico and studied on a merit based program at The Glasgow School of Art and Architecture in Scotland. Willis has shown extensively in his native home of New Mexico and has been exhibited nationally through Americans for the Arts Data Base.  Willis art work has been included in a number of private and public collections. 

Currently, a selection of his works can be purchased through CIENEGA FINE ART LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico.