An exhibit of 10 installations on open space lands in the ABQ area opens May 2019


Welcome to ArtPark21 - 21st Century eco art installations


Welcome to ArtPark21 - 21st Century eco art installations


About Us

A 21st Century Art Park


The AP21 team is in the process of establishing a 21st century art park in   

New Mexico.  A key element in the groundwork for establishing this park is an upcoming temporary exhibit of multiple outdoor installations that fit the theme of the park.  The park will feature eco-art installations that take 21st century views of what could be possible in an art park, and of our relationship with our ecosphere.  

With an overarching theme of eco-centrism, potential themes and scopes of artworks could include those that incorporate atmospheric elements such as wind, rain, sunlight, humidity; artworks that incorporate plant life, recycled or repurposed elements; artworks that generate electricity; interactive artworks; artworks that explore the interface between three dimensional art and architecture. Installations that are the product of collaboration between one or more artists/artisans and an engineer, scientist, researcher, or technician will be welcome, as would artworks that make use of new knowledge, materials, techniques or technology and place a value on sustainability 

Laying the Groundwork


 The Open Space Visitor Center in Albuquerque has   

agreed to host an exhibition of ten eco art installations at the center grounds and other open space sites in Albuquerque. This exhibition will open May 11, 2019 with a reception at the Open Space Visitor Center in Albuquerque.

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